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How lifestyle brands are collaborating with online influencers in the Middle East

June 10, 2015
influencers marketing middle east

The idea of collaborating with social influencers to benefit more from the creation and distribution of content sounds great in theory. This is what we call Influencers Marketing. Online influencers are people who create and share interesting or valuable content with the audiences that follow them. They have succeeded at building an audience and credibility within the digital sphere, which gives them a level of influence that is sometimes greater than the mass media, on a wide variety of topics.

These online influencers might be bloggers with large readerships or socially savvy consumers with a large followers base on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. In all cases, they have built their audience on a long period of time and by producing interesting and valuable content, and it is the main reason people trust theses sources, relate to them and respect their opinion

Many brands are now turning to online influencers to reach new audiences or to engage them in a different way. There are plenty of opportunities for brands to connect and collaborate with these online influencers. Here are 4 different examples from the Middle East:

 1/ Offer an exclusive experience: The #AmexExplorer campaign

To mark the launch of the new Amex Platinum, American Express Middle East teamed up with three lifestyle bloggers on a journey to explore their passion for culture, food and shopping and share these experiences with their followers.

amex explorer middle east

Why we love this collaboration: It was integrated part of a full marketing campaign around the launch of the new Amex Platinum and one of the objectives was to drive people to an open competition where they could win a “trip of a lifetime” with Amex.

 2/ Co-host an event: The #TophopMEAdidas campaign with Ascia Al Faraj

The launch of the new Adidas Original x Topshop collection was revealed in Kuwait through an event hosted by style blogger Ascia AKF from The Hybrids.

ascia AKF adidas topshop ME

Why we love this collaboration: It is straight to the point and focuses on quality of content rather than quantity: a teaser post, a reveal post and an invitation post all three containing a clear view of the products.

 3/ Create a visual campaign together: The #UnlockYourWish campaign by Cartier

For the launch of the new “Amulette De Cartier” jewelry range in the Middle East, Cartier collaborated with Zahra Lyla from Lyla Loves Fashion and Nadya Hassan from The Fierce Diaries to create a photo shoot focused around the concept of the dream versus the reality and the possibility to unlock your wish with the new “Amulette de Cartier”.

zahra lyla cartier amulette

nadya hassan cartie amulette

Why we love this collaboration: The concept was adapted locally based on a global campaign from Cartier that was launched in 2014 and that focuses on clear branding guidelines and extremely rich visuals. Visibility of the campaign was also maximized since content distribution was not only done on both bloggers social media platforms but also through a partnership with covering the photo shoot.

4/ Rely on the influencer’s expertise: #SephoraDayOut with Huda Kattan

Sephora Middle East launched a social media competition giving a chance for 3 girls to win a makeover and get to spend the day with beauty blogger Huda Kattan. 4 videos where produced and distributed on Sephora ME social media channels as well as on Huda Beauty blog.

Why we love this collaboration: Aside from visibility, this type of content focuses purely on engagement. Many girls commented on Sephora ME Youtube channels and Facebook page asking for another chance or another competition for a chance to meet Huda Kattan.

Investing in influencers marketing:

We’re noticing a huge shift in how brands and marketers are reaching consumers. Investing in influencers marketing in gaining a lot of weight in brands PR and online advertising budgets. Being able to create a good collaboration means establishing a good relationship with the right influencers and it needs to follow a process that ranges from: “market to influencers”, to “market through influencers” and finally “market with influencer”.

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